B&B De Zomere Brugge - Watou

Foundling Karel Privaet’s cottage in Watou is inextricably linked to De Zomere. To escape the hustle and bustle of Bruges, Frederik purchased it in 1992 when it was in a state of ruin and began its reconstruction using old materials. Most of these materials were found on-site, although some were brought in from Bruges. For example, the half-timbering was restored using oak beams taken from the old roof structure of De Zomere. Underneath these beams, natural stone monoliths from the front of the late Gothic house were incorporated. Bruges “moefen” also found a new home there.

Conversely, the old boxwood tree that used to lean against the drying kiln in Watou was relocated to the inner garden of De Zomere, where it is now called ‘Egidius.’ Ideas have been and continue to be exchanged between Watou and De Zomere. In De Zomere, you’ll find night lights with bases made from floor tiles from Watou, while in Watou, there’s a path made from ballast boulders from Bruges, and even a lamp crafted from an old funnel.

Karel Privaet’s former cottage in Watou serves as a refuge for all guests of De Zomere. It is nestled amidst fields, creating an atmosphere where time seems to stand still. There are no services or utilities available (only lighting and the option to charge your mobile phone through a solar panel), and it is hoped that every visitor will contribute in some way to maintain its good condition. Primitive overnight stays are possible here. A picturesque cycling route leads from Bruges to this location, passing through forests, by castles and nature reserves, alongside the Yser River and Yser Tower, the Trench of Death, and Käthe Kollwitz’s grieving parent couple, among many other attractions.

Additionally, in Watou itself, there is the renowned arts festival held every summer. Located just one house number away from Karel Privaet’s cottage is the famous brewery Sint Bernardus, which offers its own amenities.

B&B De Zomere Brugge - Watou

For those who are captivated by De Zomere’s eccentric decor, its origins can be traced back in rural Watou.

De Zomere B&B Brugge

Oude Zomerstraat 2 (Historic centre)

8000 Brugge, Belgium